Types of Headlights for Harley Davidsons

Headlights That Will Keep You Noticed

When you are looking for headlights for your Harley Davidson, there are a few different options that can be confusing to choose from. You want to make sure that the type of headlight is compatible with your bike and fits in the space available, that’s why you need to choose the best LED headlight for Harley Davidson.

The first option we will discuss makes by Unplugged Lighting Outfitters (ULO). These lights come as replacement LED or halogen bulbs. They attach directly into the reflector bowl without modifying any part on it which keeps them stylishly sleek and simple while also reducing the chance of taking the headlight apart and messing up your bike.

Best LED Headlight For Harley Davidson

The second option we will discuss is LED headlights from Harley-Davidson themselves. These lights come in a variety of different styles and price ranges, but they are all direct replacements for specific models that fit into existing light housings with no need to modify them at all! These lights also use modern technology to give you bright lighting without overworking your battery or draining it quickly so you can ride longer before having to charge everything again.

Another great option is LED replacement bulbs from Speed Merchant which attach directly into the reflector bowl on your motorcycle allowing them not only look good while being sleek, simple, and stylish like ULO’s options, these headlights have been tested repeatedly at high speeds and in high temperatures to make sure they can handle the intense conditions that your bike operates in every day.

The next option we will discuss is LED replacement bulbs from Harley-Davidson with a slight twist! These are almost identical to the ones sold by H-D themselves, but instead of being direct replacements for specific models, these headlights are universal so you can swap them out easily between different motorcycles whenever you want without worrying about compatibility issues or having to spend time modifying anything on your current headlight housing. Last but not least is another great LED alternative which comes in halogen form from Custom Dynamics . They have multiple styles available including round projector style lights , round billet style lights , square lens light housings , and even an all new design that attaches a light bar to the back of your headlight housing!

Types of Headlights for Harley Davidsons