Teaching Younger and Older Students

The Difference Between Approaches

Teaching is a tough job. Teaching younger and older students can be even tougher. The way you choose to teach the two groups of kids will depend on your goals for them, as well as what they need to learn at their age level. The portable classrooms experts discusses some key differences between teaching these two age groups so that you can decide which approach might work best for your needs!

The first thing to remember is that younger students are still learning how to read, write and learn in general. They need more support than older kids do when it comes to basic skills like reading comprehension or math problems. Younger kids also have less of an attention span so you might want to break up your lessons into smaller chunks throughout the day rather than one big lesson at a time.

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Older students will be ready for some meatier material once they get past those early years where their brains are just soaking everything up! You can start giving them harder assignments that take longer and require deeper thinking about what they’re doing and why – this helps build critical thinking skills which is something everyone needs these days no matter what age group you teach!

Another thing: younger students will need a lot more guidance and feedback than older kids. The latter group might be insulted if you try to hold their hands through every step of the assignment – they’re ready for some freedom, after all! Older students are also able to work on things longer before needing help again whereas younger kids might not know what’s going wrong or why it isn’t working unless someone shows them (and that could take up too much valuable time).

Keep these differences in mind when planning out your lessons each day so that both age groups can meet with success during learning time! If you have any questions about how best to engage students at either end of the spectrum, feel free to leave us a comment below!

Teaching Younger and Older Students
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