Would You Rather Matcha or Green Tea

A Comparison and Review

Matcha green tea is everywhere. You can find it in coffee shops, restaurants, and grocery stores. But before you start thinking about shelling out your hard-earned cash for the “new” matcha trend, there are a few things that you should know about this trendy drink. If you’re not sure what matcha green tea is or why everyone seems to be so obsessed with it these days, then read on about matcha vs green tea comparison!

The first thing to know about matcha green tea is that it has a very different taste from your typical cup of hot or cold brewed green tea. In fact, the flavor profile of matcha couldn’t be more different than traditional green tea!

Matcha Vs Green Tea

A common comparison between the two types of teas is that “matcha tastes grassy” whereas regular old-fashioned green tea doesn’t have much in terms of flavor at all. This might make you think twice before running out to buy a package (or 29) but there’s no need for concern because once you learn how to brew and drink it, you’ll realize why people love this stuff so much!

Matcha is a type of powdered green tea, which means that it’s made from whole leaves that have been dried and ground up into fine powder form. This gives the drink its signature vibrant color as well as its unique taste and texture (i.e., slightly bitter). It also contains much more caffeine than your typical cup because you’re drinking straight-up leaf instead of steeping it in hot water for several minutes.

One thing to note here: matcha drinkers report feeling their buzz sooner than those who enjoy traditional brewed green tea! That’s because when you make regular old fashioned steeped green tea, some of the caffeine gets destroyed during heating whereas with matcha there is no heat involved, so the leaves retain their caffeine content.

Regular old-fashioned green tea is made by steeping dried processed whole leaf in very hot (not boiling) water for several minutes. The result is a light-colored drink that has relatively low levels of caffeine and tastes similar to what you might expect when drinking any other type of brewed tea — i.e., it’s not at all bitter or grassy tasting like matcha!

Would You Rather Matcha or Green Tea
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