How Long Should a Pitch Deck Be?

Essential Tips for Creating Your Pitch Deck

If you are pitching an idea to someone, you have a few seconds to convince them of your brilliance. A few minutes is really all they can spare before their attention span fades away and they move on to the next thing. But how long should be a pitch deck? The answer is about one minute or less. One minute gives enough time for the listener to understand what you are saying without being bored by too much detail.

In one minute, you can present your idea in a clear, exciting and engaging way. A minute is long enough to tell someone what you are doing without rambling on about every detail of the project or making them feel overwhelmed with information. When you are presenting an idea to someone, it is important that they understand what the project or business does without feeling like they need a spreadsheet and calculator.

Pitch Deck

One minute might seem really quick but most people can explain their ideas in less than two minutes which means with one minute left over for questions and answers there should be enough time for everything. If your pitch deck goes on longer than five minutes then you should probably think about what you are saying and how to say it more concisely.

One minute is a good amount of time but if your idea seems complex or large then there could be some questions that need answering after the presentation, another meeting with those people might be required. If you have plenty of information to share then break up the pitch into segments so each piece can stand on its own instead of trying to cram everything in during your first meeting. Remember that one minute should include any opening remarks at the start as well as any closing comments at the end. So much for now, until next time!

Pitch decks do not have to be extremely long when presented correctly . All of the information included in a good pitch deck needs to accurately represent your company’s vision, values and goals while also demonstrating how big the market opportunity is (and why you’re going after it).

How Long Should a Pitch Deck Be?
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