How to Become a Person Who Reads More

Pomodoro Technique

“If you want to read more, then this article is for you.” This sounds like the beginning of every generic reading list that pops up on Facebook or Google. However, what if I told you that there was a way to increase your reading speed and actually enjoy the process? Well, it’s true! The Pomodoro technique is a simple strategy which can help anyone become a person who reads more. In case you need to rejuvenate yourself, just visit best online dispensary Canada and check their offer.

The first thing you need to do is identify the reason you are reading. Are you reading for information? For pleasure? To prepare yourself for something else, like a presentation or test? Identifying your purpose will help guide how much material should be read in one sitting and by when it needs to be done. Now that we have identified our reasons for reading, let’s begin using the Pomodoro technique!

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This involves setting a timer (you can use an actual kitchen timer if you have one) and then working until it goes off four times before taking a short break. After every time the timer rings, take 30 second breaks during which you can stand up, stretch or just walk around so your mind doesn’t wander too far from what has been assigned.

After every four Pomodoros, take a five to ten minute break. This amount of time will keep your brain focused and help you maintain your concentration throughout the day instead of having it slowly diminish as the hours go by.

By using this technique for twenty minutes at a time, you can increase how much material is read per sitting without feeling overwhelmed or losing interest. If done with consistency, most people are able to double their speed in just one week! Reading more has never been easier than when using this simple strategy (and no, there’s nothing wrong with turning on autoplay)!

How to Become a Person Who Reads More